General Machinery & Consumables for Industrial use

  • Material Handling Equipment : Stackers, Scissor Lift, Drum Lifter, Trolleys
  • Lifting Equipments : Rope, Chain Sling, Ratchet belt, Chain Pulley block, Hand winch, Plate lifting clamps, Bow Shackles, Snatch Block, Electrical Hoist and Hydraulic Jack
  • Gas & Arc Welding Equipments : Welding machine, Welding holder, PUG machine (Straight Line plate cutter), TIG Torch, HDPE welding mirror, Filler wire, Electrode holding oven
  • Workshop Machines : Bench & Radial drill machine, Cutting machine, Air compressor, Pipe bending machine, Jig Saw machine, Bench vice, Bench Grinder, Shearing machine, Lathe machine and spares
  • Guillotine Blades (Metal Shearing Blades)
  • Measuring Equipments :Vernier Caliper, Micro meter, Dial Gauge, Hardness Tester, Welding gauge, Thickness measuring instruments, Coating Thickness gauge, Universal Testing Machine
  • Hand & Power Tools : Angle Grinder, Demolition Hammer, Drill machine, Straight Grinder, magnetic Stand, Spanners, Wrench and Hand Tools
  • Abrasives : Cutting disc , Grinding wheel, Drill bit, Boring Tool, Emery cloth, Tap set, Hole saw, Polishing wheels
  • Painting and Sandblasting Equipments : Paint tank, Spray gun, Air gun, Sand blasting nozzles, DFT testing meter, Sand blasting pipe, Paint mixer
  • Hydraulic Fittings and Coupling : Rubber hose, Stainless Steel hose, Clamps and Hydraulic fluid connectors
  • PPE : Safety Shoes, Safety Belt, Safety Helmet, Safety Goggles, Safety Mask, Hand Gloves, Reflective Jacket, Boiler Suit, Road Safety Cone
  • Mobile Foam units, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Hose and couplings
  • Nakajima Couplings
  • Adhesive Tapes, Special putty
  • White Cotton Rag / Wipes, Oil Absorbent Sheets
  • Tarpaulin, Nylon rope
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